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Speed Culture: The Auto Enthusiasts World in the Palm of Your Hand

Speed Culture™ is a mobile app and website that puts you in the know on everything automotive. Events, News, Video, Classifieds, and more all in YOUR POCKET.

Speed Culture™ is the brain child of Jeff Davis with help from his co-hosts Daryle Siedman, Doug Slagel and various others around the country we share with you the fellow enthusiast everything going on in the world of automotive.

Just what does Speed Culture do?

Lots of stuff! Here are some current highlights:

 Events: App Geo-locates (GPS) events based on where your standing and gives you easy information about how to get there with a click of a button.  Speed Culture also allows you to share the events with your friends or on social media just as easily.

 News:Tired of going through a bunch of other apps to find out whats happening in the motor world. Get the latest new from all your favorite sites in one shot. We bring the current news from: Jalopnik, Autoblog, duPont Registry, Motorology and more… all right inside the app

 Video: Enjoy original content from Speed Culture plus curated videos from around the web all without leaving the app. Videos are updated every day!

 Radio & Podcasts:  Be a part of the Speed Culture Radio hour every week as we bring on new guests including racing legends and speed celebrities. Each interview and show is reposted within the app for listening anytime.

 Buy & Sell:  Speed Culture offers a niche classic, collector and performance vehicle classified area that users can browse through or post their own vehicles on the app / website.

 Everything is on Website & App:  All of events, videos, news, podcasts, and classifieds are also available on our website and shared across all social media platforms on the web including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Who is behind Speed Culture?

Jeff Davis

Host / Producer

Jeff has a passion has had a passion for cars since well, his whole life.  A veteran web developer he has been running his own web software company since 1996. After initial running a local website in Detroit – After sitting on the concept for 6+ years Jeff released Speed Culture in 2015.

Originally from Detroit but now living in the Tampa area Jeff was the owner of Woodward Cruise.com from 2006-10.  While in Detroit he produced and promoted several car shows, and other items around the website.  WoodwardCruise.com was a website based around the worlds largest one day car event.  At the time Jeff wanted to use the site to promote small automotive business in the Detroit area with the idea of creating a map on the site with points on it where all the shows were.  This is where the early concept for Speed Culture came from…

In 2010 just after moving to Florida Jeff thought about building a mobile app for car guys to find shows, but felt the market was just not ready for such an app.  He felt that the guys

In the 2014 Jeff again thought about the app but put it on the back burner until he met Robert a local car nut with a radio program in Clearwater.  Through Robert, Jeff was able to re-connect with his true passion; cars.  Jeff helped out at car shows including doing some emceeing and judging at events.  The more he did, the more he thought that it was time to build the app we now call Speed Culture.

Daryle aka DSpyder

Producer/Co-Host - Speed Culture TV & Radio

A lifelong car collector, restorer and enthusiast, Daryle discovered his love of cars at the age of 10 helping his dad restore a classic Corvette Stingray. At the age of 20, he founded Fastech Autosport, a car customizing and auto accessories business in Cherry Hill, NJ. In 1990, He launched Fantasy Autos, vintage-car rental agency that provided classic, luxury and antique cars for special events, TV commercials and films. His cars have appeared in commercials and films for such brand names as AC-Delco, McDonald’s, Universal Studios and MTV. Uncovering a need for custom and modified car owners to show their vehicles, he created the “Fastech Custom Car Showdown”, an annual car and truck show benefiting local charities.

The success of the car show attracted the interest of the Happenings TV Network and Daryle was invited to host and produce “Cruisin’ TV” on the Comcast Network. The award winning show focused on interviewing car owners about their cars and restorations. Over the last 27 years, Daryle has produced, judged and consulted at hundreds of cars shows and currently operates collector car consultancy network Fastech with his sons Darien & Dean and daughter Deanna providing car locator, valuation and restoration services.

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