Out of Control CNC Burnouts in Texas

Out of Control Cars and Coffee Burnouts in Texas!

Who’s doing burnouts at those Cars and Coffee events around the country? Turns out a lot of people!

As the video below shows there is always a ton of people standing around at the end of the event egging people on to show off their ride. Is it the right thing to do? Probably not… we have seen other videos of people (mostly Mustangs) getting out of control and just about hurting somebody.

However the burnouts continue. Some groups like our friends at Dreams and Drivers in California are working very hard to stop the burnouts at the end. The non-profit group doesn’t want the bad stigma attached to them that can come from this kind of activity at their event. They have even had to ban people from their event.

What do we think? Sure we are like everybody else… we love burnouts, but this can be a deterent for good locations to allow hosting of events at their location.

So tell us what you think?

We continue to cover all the good stuff out there.
VIDEO Below:

The video below was first posted by High Tech Corvette –
Check out their YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK4IlIifmhZGq0aS4WP0NVg


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