Going Back in Time with a Real Attention Getter

Warning – Attention Getting Ride Coming Your Way! – This BTTF Replica Has it ALL!

So you think your car is special huh… it gets a lot of attention when you park, etc?  Well imagine driving a movie realistic replica of the Back of the Future Delorean.  Yeah, Yeah you Delorean owners are cringing right now and wanting to punch this guy for doing this to his car, but watch the video and see just how cool this thing is to drive.  The owner in the video mentions that valet attendants regularly move Lamborghinis out of way to park this car out front.  WHOA!

Doug the host of this video, does a great job reviewing this car and even says that it gets the most attention of ANY car he has ridden in or driven.  Wow that is saying a lot.  The appeal is because even non car people appreciate this for what it is, and reminder of an 80’s classic from their youth.  It’s been 32 years since the movie first debuted and it’s still has life in today’s crazy tech world.

Who wants to see a Delorean Back to the Future Replica at their car show?

We think this would be a great addition to any show and we hope to see these more out there in the FUTURE!


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