Monday Night's Largest Car Meet in the USA

Monday is a Slow Day for Car Meets? – Not in New York! – Check Out the Monday Night Takeover!

Summertime is full of great events every week all over this great nation of ours and while Monday’s are typically slow, one area in New York takes their Monday’s very seriously!   We check out the Monday Night Takeover!  The video below is a great overview of just how many people come to the event each week from late June through August.

Photos from the event:


The Monday night takeover takes place in: Farmingville, New York at the PENNYSAVER Amphitheater and is run by Al Yessiler and his team of helpers.   We interviewed Al last year for Speed Culture Radio a great guy for sure.  The Monday Night takeover is not just a car meet.  Every week there seems to be something new including weeks dedicated to helping out various causes around the area’s car scene. In addition to the charity work, cars food vendors,  as you can see in the video they have a full band rocking the show.  This is a must see if you are in the area.

Check out the Monday Night Takeover group on FB:  

Full Video Here:


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