Mercedes-Benz Project One – Street Legal Formula 1 Car? w/Video

Mercedes Ups the Hypercar Game with the Project One…

Announced earlier this week at the Frankfurt Auto Show the Mercedes-Benz Project One is the Only Production car with a Formula One Power Unit.  Yes we said Formula One!  Lewis Hamilton actually arrived in the car at it’s announcement saying he was involved in the development of the car that is YEARS in the making

WOW – What a car… this is one SMOKIN’ BIIATCH!

It can be revved out to a blistering 11k rpm before reaching its top speed of 217mph.

Only 8  gear shifts are needed to drive the 2,866 pound car to its top speed.

The total output of the car is 1,020hp thanks to the Four Electric Turbo Chargers and the 1.6 Litre V6 Engine.

Electric turbo chargers help convert exhaust energy into electricity to help minimize turbo lag and help drive the all wheel drive system.

A unique all Carbon Fibre Body will be made for the car and be built along side the Notorious Formula One Cars Driven by Lewis Hamilton.

The Mercedes-Benz Project One is Truly an Engineering Marvel

Production will be kept to a minimum with only 275 units being built. Over 900 Customers have already asked for the 2 Million Dollar Car we suspect a lot of broken hearts when the car releases in 2019.

Project One – Debut Video… check it out below!


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