It’s Here! – New Speed Culture on iOS

It’s taken months… but Speed Culture V.2 is here:

After months of work we are proud to announce an entirely new version of Speed Culture is coming this week for iOS devices.  This is a complete re-write of the app from scratch.  Every line of code was re-done.  While it still doesn’t have everything in it that we wanted, it is certainly better and more complete then what is out there.  We will continue to make the app better in the coming months and have lots of plans for making things better.  With version 1, we were just trying to get a “proof of concept” out to the public.  With V.2, we are taking things seriously.  Speed Culture now has almost 6000 users as of May 15th.

What’s New…

The Big Items:

  • Classified listings:  We now have our own classified area in the app.  This will allow users to post things for sale on our website (and app in future) and then have them appear on the app.  There are very few automotive classified apps on the market, and certainly none really focused on the “Speed Culture” market.  We hope to see lots of vehicles and parts for sale online and on the app.
  • Advertising system put in place:  Some people may look at this as a negative, but it’s really a positive for everyone.  Advertising integration allows us to keep the app free, funds new development on the app, supports local groups, promotes bigger shows, and many many more.   We won’t get crazy with the ads, but it’s just part of what had to happen to keep this app running.  Maintenance on the app is now a full time job with 100’s of events being added every week.
  • Refined look and feel of some areas of the app:  This including revamping of the home screen, an expansion settings area, revamping of video, audio, and news area, plus a redesign of the app itself.  This is a complete update folks.  Be sure to download it right away when we post it sometime this coming week.
  • Push Notifications – There are many times when new big events coming up, we are somewhere special, or we have a celebrity on our radio show that allows you to call in and speak with… this is why we have added push notifications to the app.  Don’t worry we won’t spam you, but tell you about things you might actually care about.

Smaller changes you will notice and bug fixes:

  • Revamped entire event posting screen to allow for easier posting of events and location information.  We have added a required email address so we can get back to people telling them their event was posted.
  • Got rid of all the special character issues with &0139, etc. – This bug was all over the app and we have fixed the code conversion to make things work properly.
  • Expanded the posts page to allow for images, and videos inside the stories we post.  The original app completely ignored the code if we added video or additional images into the page.  Our full and complete stories and information will be part of news posts going forward.
  • Fixing of Video area:  You may wonder why we haven’t posted a lot of videos in the app.  This was because the video area was a bit buggy and not finished.  We now have this fixed and can feature special videos at the top and then add to the list below. In the future this list on the main screen will change to a category list.
  • Fixing of Audio area: Again this was a bit buggy and we wanted to feature more stuff in the app then what it allowed.  The bugs were fixed but work still remains to be done.
  • Temporarily removed the mixed news feature: This was one of our favorite features of the app, unfortunately it too had issues. This was mostly because we don’t have control of the rss feeds that bring us the content. If one dies the whole thing doesn’t work properly making the app crash.  We will add this feature back in the future once we are comfortable with how it works.

We are moving forward…

There are lots of little changes in the new version of Speed Culture that make things better, but we are far from done.  We will continue to make regular updates throughout the summer and fall show season.

Very Important:  If you love our app, please share it with your friends.  The only way we can grow and make things better is by getting others involved.  The bigger the app audience gets the better everything will get.

Thank you for being a part of “Speed Culture”

Your techy Car Guy,
Jeff Davis
Developer – Speed Culture App



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