Opinion: True Winners of the Gas Monkey / Outlaws Race

Who Really Won The Mega Race?

Last night (March 27th) finally after weeks of watching… we finally got to see what happened between Rich (Richard) and the Famous (Big Chief).  SPOILER ALERT:  Big Chief and the guys from the Outlaws won, but who really one.  Well I think that it was US THE FANS.

Why do I say that? because first of all – Fast N’ Loud while it was an awesome show was getting plain tired.  The show was only a reflection of the original show we all started loving 5 short years ago.  Back then it was two guys who we looking for cars to flip… make cool hot rods or rides and make some money.   Once they did the F-40 build it started to go sideways and now you can buy everything from Gas Monkey Energy drink to chewing gum (ok maybe not).

So watching Richard getting beat was actually quite entertaining.  It showed us (and I hope him) that just because you got the biggest bucks… doesn’t mean you win everytime or that your the coolest cat in the room.

The BEST though is the fact that we get to see STREET OUTLAWS come full circle back to their roots with the return of the Crow like street beast that helped start the show.   The crow-mod was as negative for the show as Richard’s buddy giving him 100k+ just to find him a Trans Am.

So whats your opinion? Let us know what you think?


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