RWB Hunter – Syndicate Ride of the Week

Speed Culture Syndicate FB Group Photo of the Week: 1997 Toyota Corolla – “The RWB Hunter”

by: Jeff Davis with writing by own James “RWB” Hunter 
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RWB Hunter? A Toyota? That is your ride of the week?

These are the questions you may be asking when you first see this article, but I assure you that James’ Corolla deserves this honor and truly his a labor of love that deserves some respect from the car community.

While I have only met James in person a few times at various events, I can tell you James is a TRUE car guy. He goes to everyone’s events, and typically promotes other people every chance he gets. James is involved in Hot Import Nights, and has even shown his car at Festivals of Speed. (This is where I first met him in person).

As you can see from the story below… his car started out as a wreck. Today a lot of people buy cars that almost ready to show. Some even straight off the lot. But James’ RWB Hunter Corolla is a built not bought right that has a personal touch of passion for the love of cars and this great hobby we all share.

Here is what James tell’s us about his 97 Corolla:

Well here it is, possibly the most controversial vehicle in the Florida car scene: RWB HUNTER – A 97 Toyota Corolla. “Built from the grave” and that’s no exaggeration. Purchased brand new in 97 totaled in 2000 and brought back to life. Here is a photo of her before work began…

She has 210,575 miles on the body, but you would never be able to tell this thing was totaled or track driven. I have been building this car since 2000 and it has continued to evolve from car to corner killer. This cars first release to the car scene was Old Town and HIN back in 2004 and it’s been to numerous shows since then.

Tragedy struck again not once not twice but three times in 2015 only to rebuild each time. First being rear ended by a drunk driver, then a lady texting, then a semi driver that just plain didn’t see me and pushed me through traffic light. But even through all this, the car has come back ready for the next adventure. This body style was produced from 93-97 coming in wagon and sedan form and having the power plant of a 4AFE 1.6l or a 7AFE 1.8 liter.

Powering the Car: James’ Own Frankenstein…

While building there was a decision to make what I like to call a Frankenstein motor using the 1.6 head and mating it to the 1.8 block which helped it’s lack of power while building I decided to upgrade internals everything from crankshafts, cams, pistons, valves, valve springs, reworked injectors by rc fuel injection, arp headbolts port and polishing head as well as intake figured if I’m gonna do this do it right. The exterior has a full bomex body kit with a mild stretch on fenders and quarters, tenzo r fully adjustable rear wing, custom made rear window vents, jdm taillights, custom jdm headlights with black housing and angel eyes to flow with the jdm grill. This car is sitting on enkei rims wrapped in toyo proxes 4’s (soon to be r888).

Suspension is for Auto-cross and Track Attacks…

Suspension is full 36way ksport kontrol pro coil overs. The chassis has been upgraded fully with ultraracing chassis supports straight out of Malaysia. The interior have been fully done with cosmic pearl interior panels from the front seats forward. Jdm style gauges replaced the oem. Racing seats with 4 point harness, bride quick disconnect steering wheel, fully gutted from back seat to trunk. Kept it old school and basic for stereo with full audiobahn system with flip out in dash still need to when killing corners.

Other Cool Features:

This car has been signed by Akira Nakai San (RWB), Magnus Walker (Urban Outlaw), Kyle Mohan (FD Drifter), Ming Lee (model), Bear Dellinger (model), Big Mike (sema builder), Kato (Liberty Walk). The car was named RWB Hunter after chasing down RWB Orlando, Krispy and Nakai San to the airport with Zach and Han. Ever since that day the name stuck to the car and that’s what it been called ever since.

This car may not be the fastest on the straight away but it will definitely catch up in the corner the way it’s setup you rarely have to let up going into the turn but that’s what I built it to do, hug the road and can be thrown around on the auto-cross or time attacks on track all day. Most of the time you won’t see this car in the day light hours but when the sun sets RWB Hunter hits the pavement making its presence known.



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