This Weeks Radio Show… Guests from IL, AL, CA, FL

Speed Culture Radio starts this week!

After several months working on the app we are finally ready to debut our own branded radio show starting this coming week.  The format will allow guests from all over the country talk about what is happening in the car hobby in their area.  We will have featured guests each week including celebrities we run into from time to time.

But really the show is about you, the events happening each week, and keep you up to date on the latest trends, news, and more.  Our first show will be posted this coming Thursday June 9th.

Guests This Week Include…
– Speakers from Alabama Speed Club & Stance Theory: They will tell whats up with the show “Drift Temple” coming up next weekend.
– Representing the California Scene will Dreams & Drivers to talk about their monthly events, whats happening out there, and more.
– Representing Chicago will be our new contributor “Ducky” from DMP Chicago and Mike from Chicago’s Unknown.


we will have our favorite sponsor Gene from Garage One talk about how Garage One came to be, his products and how passionate he is about Speed Culture.

Be sure to watch for updates on the app and website as we announce the new show.

Want to be a guest on our show to talk about your local scene or have a product you think should be featured?  Drop us an email at: [email protected]


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