Speed Culture Racing Coming in October

Love Adding New Parts to Your Ride?  Speed Culture Racing Shop is Coming in October!

The business model we started with….

A lot has happened in the almost two years since we first launched Speed Culture.  In the beginning we planned to give our app away free (no change coming to that), build an audience, and then work to get manufacturers and event promoters to advertise on the app… thus allowing us to maintain the app and even make a lot of updates.  That really hasn’t happened yet.  Why?  Well mostly because of the small team of people who spend lots of time just posting events. In addition to that we are now adding some news and videos on the site that take time to create.

This doesn’t leave us much time to sell advertising and sponsorships.  Great websites are a lot of work…     This means we have had to take a hard look at how we grow Speed Culture and how we monetize the over 100,000 views we get each month here on our site and app.  It’s time to re-think our monetization model.  Certainly we could do things like affiliate marketing, and other stuff, but we feel a store is the best for us long term.  This is part of what we are announcing today.

The goal of building the app was not really to become millionaires off the app.  The goal was to allow us to take this passion we have for cars and the car culture and do something that would allow us to make our passion a paying a full time gig.

Please remember the passion we have for the automotive enthusiast community is always FIRST in everything we do.  Some things work great others don’t…  but we try.  Let me tell you about the future of Speed Culture…

The future of Speed Culture  Speed Culture Racing online shop and more…

Beginning next month we will be launching a new portion of the site:  Speed Culture Racing.  

This will be an online performance parts website that will feature over 200 brands of parts.  All part data comes directly from the manufacturers through SEMA with fitment checked by us personally.  Shipping will be handled by two distribution centers (one on each coast) for most racing parts, then another nine locations for other parts.  This will allow us to offer almost any part shipped to you within 3 days of ordering.

Initially the Speed Culture Racing shop will just a part of just our website, but we plan to add this to the app later this winter. (along with a completely new experience)

Special Discounts for Users!

App users and our VIP members will have special access to giveaways and member only discounts based on deals we get with our suppliers.  We will run contests online and will regularly give away free stuff through our VIP program going forward.  We will also have a price match guarantee that will allow us to better compete with other online marketplaces.  (we won’t mention).

Car Sponsorships, Events Sponsorships, and more…

Speed Culture Racing will also allow us to eventually sponsor cars with discounted or free parts, prizes for shows, and more. This is something we have wanted to do from the beginning, with the original idea being we would get items from manufacturers.

We hope you will support us parts ust What we  in business we learned a lot of things.  The biggest being we feel we really understand who is using our app and who our end users are… we also realized that man

Ok… So I Bought Parts from You, Now Where Do I Get These Installed?

In addition to the store we will also be adding a automotive business directory to our site and app (this winter) that will allow you to look up an installer for your parts.  If you are an installer you will be able to add yourself to the site and users can rate businesses based on their experiences.

All of this is being done based on what we have learned over the past 2 years running Speed Culture.  Thank you to all of our followers… we look forward to bright future where we host new exciting events and continue providing you with easy access to event listing across the nation.

Thank you,
Jeff Davis
Creator of Speed Culture™


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