Speed Culture V2 for iOS Coming this Week!

It’s taken months… but Speed Culture V.2 is on it’s way!

After months of work we are proud to announce an entirely new version of Speed Culture is coming this week for iOS devices.  This is a complete re-write of the app from scratch.  Every line of code was re-done.  While it still doesn’t have everything in it that we wanted, it is certainly better and more complete then what is out there.  We will continue to make the app better in the coming months and have lots of plans for making things better.  With version 1, we were just trying to get a “proof of concept” out to the public.  With V.2, we are taking things seriously.  Speed Culture now has almost 6000 users as of May 15th.

We will have a full update on the app coming early next week.  


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