The #Banger Movement that is: Clean Culture

The Clean Culture Movement has take the nation by storm… where will it go next?

by: Jeff Davis

As an old school auto enthusiast it came as a real eye opener to me that the “Fast & Furious” group of so-called tuner cars are slowly becoming the biggest market in car culture today. Speed Culture started with the idea that we would share car shows, cars and coffee events, and other car events. What we have found over the past two year is an emerging market of younger automotive fans. Classic shows while still prevalent aren’t as big (with some exceptions) as the up and coming groups. This brings us to talk about Clean Culture.


Yes – It’s a Movement (We think)…

The movement (I call it), was started by two guys from the Northeast. Nick & George (with a lot of help, we assume) have slowly over a 4 year period built up a show circuit that this year will hit almost 20 shows. These shows aren’t your typical local car event with 50 cars. Their shows have hundreds or thousands of cars typically. The guys like to say: #wethrowbangers and from what we can see, they do that.

Pulling even one of these events off is a major undertaking as we found on our own this past August in Ohio. The effort it takes (and expense) to come into a town outside of your home and pull off a major event is HUGE. We can’t understate that. You have to travel to build a following in that space, and even when you have a partner you need to go there and promote the event yourself. Then on top of that you will need a crew of your own to help run the event. In Ohio we pulled off a great event thanks to the team at Superfly, but we could have used even more help on our end.

Shows, meets, and more shows Everywhere!

Thats what Clean Culture is about… Just this year these guys have put on shows in: West Palm Beach (FL), Orlando (FL), Atlanta (FL), Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Cost Mesa (CA), Toronto (CANADA), and will soon be back at Palm Beach, and then Atlanta. Whew! What a schedule! We know putting on these events is a major undertaking.

Think the movement is just in New York or Florida?

Think again. We went to Ohio and found a group of Clean Culture movement fans there too. Stickers on the windshield and all. Check out the @cleanculture_typer on instagram… he is in Ohio and building a group for them in the Cleveland area.  Amazing.

We’re heading out to “Banger” event tomorrow…

We are planning to hit one of the “Ball Park Bangers” in West Palm Beach tomorrow to check out what all the fuss is about.  Last time we tried this the event was indoors which isn’t where they’re sweet spot is… so we will report back soon with new pics and video from the event.

View event we are heading to here

Check out Clean Culture at: or on Facebook (click)

Below is a recent video from their recent outdoor Pocono Raceway event


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