Zorielys Car Show – Help this Little Girl

This weekend guys – Check Out this Great Event!

Zorielys is a happy 5 year old that was born with multiple birth defects. She has bilateral Colobomas in her eyes, thumb hypoplasia in her thumbs and Bilateral Microtia. Bilateral Microtia is where the outer ear is not formed normally and there is a canal opening what so ever.

Tampa’s Finest & Street Warriors Car Club of Tampa Florida are looking to help out with this young ladies’ ear surgery. The surgery would help her hear naturally. Tampa’s Finest and Street Warriors have setup a car show on Sunday July 16th at Quaker Steak and Lube in Clearwater to generate donations for the family.

Additionally the family have setup a GoFundMe page to take donations from other not able to attend the car show.

Make Donations Here:

Location and Information about Zorielys Car Show:

Speed Culture will be making a donation direction through GoFundMe after our Syndicate Nights 3 Meet on Saturday July 15th at Ronnie Setsers Customs.

Location and information about Syndicate Nights 3:


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